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ERGOTEC Product news 2023

Ergotec product news

At the repositioned EUROBIKE, the ergotec team will present a variety of product innovations with a newly designed and expanded booth concept. The focus is on the III contact points between rider and bike.
In the "Cockpit" product area, the new EG grip series will be on display for the first time. The products around the contact point "Seating" are extended by the new EG saddle series. The product group of the interface "Pedaling" consists of the comprehensive and independent EP pedal series.

The new EG grip series - Made in Germany
As a world first, the completely newly developed EG grip series will be presented for the first time at the Eurobike. The new EG grip series combines ergonomics with dynamic design. Initially, three different models will be offered, each available in long/long and long/short sizes. In detail, these are the EG PERFORMANCE with a round shape, the EG AMBITION with a small ergonomic hand rest and the EG ACTIVE FLEX with an ergonomically shaped hand rest as well as adjustable damping properties. The EG grip series was developed in Germany and is also produced in Germany. At the heart of the EG grip series is the patent-pending "EG ACTIVE FLEX" handle. This grip has a large ergonomically shaped hand rest, which offers the possibility to adjust the hardness of the hand rest by exchanging the damping wedge (flex stick) due to the ergotec flex adjustment, which is unique at times. Initially, two Flex-Sticks are offered in green (more damping) as well as red (less damping). The inner material of the "EG PERFORMANCE" grips is a TP material composite made of recycled, glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic. The grip surface made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer material has a long service life and always gives the rider a secure, ergonomic grip that is easy on the joints. Since no classic Kraton is used, the "sticking" of the hands to the handle, belongs to the past.

The new ES saddle series
The new series consists of a total of 10 models, which are available in different sizes and hardnesses. In detail there are the models ES PERFORMANCE, ES ACTIVE, ES COMFORT and ES COMFORT PLUS. The strength of the saddles is divided into soft and medium or medium and strong. The saddles are characterized by a large scaled adjustment range of the saddle frame. Furthermore, the saddles have a relief level as well as an ergotec Flex T-zone, which adapts to the contour of the buttocks and helps prevent pressure points. The Cutout Plus, which are located under the ischial bones, are closed by an elastic membrane and reduce the pressure on the sensitive structures again, but without giving too much.
An open, unclosed elongated Comfort Cutout is located in the center of the saddle to provide additional relief for the perineal and pubic areas.
The ES saddle series was developed in collaboration with the German research center bicycle.

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Informing, educating, preventing – these are the goals that Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. has been pursuing since its foundation in 1995. The central concern of the association is to create awareness of the importance of back-friendly conditions and thus to avoid back pain. "In the prevention and therapy of back problems, everyday products that optimally support the musculoskeletal system and the spine play an essential role," says Detlef Detjen, Managing Director of AGR.

Everyday objects that meet these criteria are awarded with the AGR quality label "Tested & Recommended" by independent medical committees. In recent years, the quality label has been awarded to products from over 100 subject areas such as office furniture, seating and children's furniture, bed systems, shoes, car/truck seats, various sports equipment for therapy and prevention and many more.

"With its two consulting tools, Ergotec has convinced the interdisciplinary AGR examination board of doctors, therapists and sports scientists. While cyclingright.com advises consumers online, the Ergotec scanner supports the certified consultant in the bicycle retail trade.

Both Ergotec tools contribute to the prevention of back pain and have consequently been awarded with the AGR quality label."

Detlef Detjen, Managing Director of Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.

Certificate cyclingright.com and ergotec scanner.

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Tomas Slavik, champion du monde, vainqueur de la coupe du monde et multiple vainqueur national a pu gagner le titre de champion du monde en 2021 en 4x dans le Val de Sole à l’italien.

Tomas a piloté l'ergotec Riser Bar 50, la potence Team Series et la tige de selle Skalar. Sa confiance dans les composants ergotec MTB qui répondent à ses exigences confirme nos efforts pour développer toujours des produits de haute qualité. Ses succès parlent d'eux-mêmes et d'ergotec.

Félicitations Tomas !

Cliquez ici pour la vidéo : Tomas Slavik est champion du monde 2021 !

Safety Level

Safety Plus E-MTB

For Sporty MTBS and E-MTBS (25 km/h)

The rapid developments in the E-MTB sector make it necessary to constantly optimize and adapt components. The Safety Level 6+ is the safe choice for sporty E-MTBS. For steering systems to max. 160 kg total weight (bike+rider+load) and seat posts to max. 160 kg rider weight (rider + backpack) for Mountain Bike and E-MTB 25 km/h range.

The 6+ series currently consists of three handlebars Flat Bar, Low Riser Bar and Riser Bar 30, as well as a stem Bass and a seatpost Ray 6+.


Safety Level

Rétroviseur ergotec M-99 pour vélo – Vainqueur du test comparatif

Ergotec M-99

Tout comme pour la conduite d'une voiture, il également important d'utiliser un rétroviseur à vélo. Une sécurité routière complète ne peut être garantie que lorsque le cycliste à une bonne vision de ce qui se passe derrière lui.

L'élégant boîtier est forgé en aluminium et donne au rétroviseur un aspect hautement qualitatif. Avec ses dimensions de 12,1 x 7,8 x 2 cm (LxHxP), le rétroviseur ergotec M-99 est doté d'une surface de miroir asphérique qui offre une grande visibilité et réduit l'angle mort. Il peut être monté à gauche ou à droite, et convient également aux guidons courbés. La rotation de 360 degrés permet un positionnement individuel de la tête de rétroviseur. Grâce à la marque de contrôle E, le miroir peut également être installé sur les vélos électriques rapides (S-Pedelecs, 45 km/h) et les motos. Un adaptateur pour le serrage dans le guidon est disponible en option.

Découvrez ici l'ensemble de notre gamme de rétroviseurs.here.