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Het ergotec Safety Level System, dat in 2015 op de markt is gebracht, is een veiligheidsclassificatie voor stuursystemen en zadelpennen op fietsen. Dit systeem maakt het begrijpelijk en transparant welke sturen, stuurpennen en zadelpennen geschikt zijn voor de verschillende fietstypes met het respectievelijke systeemgewicht. Dit zorgt voor meer kwaliteit en veiligheid op de betreffende fietstypes, met name voor e-bikes.

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From the very beginning, the company concentrated on the development and production of high-quality bicycle parts, particularly handlebars. Over the course of the company's history, it has achieved an outstanding position and reputation within the bicycle industry as a parts supplier. Humpert today produces and sells several million bicycle handlebars annually. In addition to this, various bicycle components (among them a wide variety of components that the company developed itself) are being successfully sold as merchandise from the Far East.

We will soon be looking back on a 100-year history ...

We promote the push for more mobility with the bicycle on many different levels. That is why we are a member in organisations and actively support various initiatives as a partner. Among these are ...

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