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Harmony in the e-bike cockpit thanks to perfect integration. Handlebars and stem merge to form a single visual unit, and the current Bosch displays fit in stylishly. The new ergotec Integra-BK elegantly combines a high level of safety, perfect ergonomics and clarity of design. Thanks to its height the redesigned steer tube clamp is more comfortable, with the widening towards the handlebars creating a unique, integrated look.

A special feature is the integrated cable routing, which results in a harmonious, clean-lined design.



Safety Level

ergotec mirror M-99 - test winner

Ergotec M-99 – easy attachable E-Bike rear view Mirror

Just like when driving a car a rear view mirror should also been used when cycling. A comprehensive road safety is only achieved when the cyclist is able to also have a good rear view on the traffic happen behind him.

The M-99 rear-view mirror  by ergotec is the test winner of a comparison test done by  vergleich.org. In this test the M-99 rear view mirror was awarded with a very good ranking (1.4) and took first place. Please find more infos and all details of the test at https://www.vergleich.org/fahrradspiegel/

The stylish housing is made of forged aluminum and gives the rear-view mirror an exclusive look. The ergotec M-99 with its dimension of 12,2 x 7,8 x 2 cm (WxHxD) and aspherical mirror surface gives an extra-large viewing which reduces blind spots. The mounting is possible left- or right-hand side and also suitable for bended handlebars. A 360 degree rotation made possible an individual positioning of the mirror head. Due to approved E-Test number the mirror can also be applied on E-Bikes 45 km/h and motor bikes. An adapter for clamping to the handlebars is available as an optional extra.

Check out our entire range of rear view mirrors here.

Safety Level

Environmentally friendly chrome platin of handlebars

Handlebars 'MADE IN GERMANY'

In series production micro-alloy steel (MAS) has proved highly successful on the market as a material for handlebars. In spite of a reduction in wall thickness from the original 1.5 mm to 1.2 mm, the strength of the material has been increased, ensuring that the ergotec MAS handlebars offer a high level of safety.


NEW! Chrome and aluminium look finish also provided by the sustainable chromium (III) galvanic process

The reason for the introduction of trivalent chromium is the regulations imposed by the EU's REACH directive. In April 2013 the European Commission included chromium (VI) and further chromium compounds in Annex XIV of the EU's REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) directive. This annex lists so-called SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) substances, in other words substances which have a serious effect on human health or the environment.

This means that after 21.09.2017, the so-called 'sunset date', such substances can only be used with a permit from ECHA – the European Chemical Agency. Such a permit had to be applied for at the latest by March 2016. It means that for every application proof has to be provided that the substance is handled correctly and that no other suitable alternative is available for the relevant application. In individual cases it is only possible to provide such proof by special scientific studies. The entire procedure is uncertain, labour-intensive and expensive. And a large number of companies are affected, not just in the field of surface-finish technology, because in chromium trioxide a substance with an extremely wide range of applications has for the first time been listed.

Today Humpert is already in a position to offer the REACH-compliant chromium (III) for its ergotec handlebars, instead of chromium (VI), which will in future no longer be permitted. Both substances are currently being applied in parallel operations, with the aim of responding flexibly to customer requirements.

After an intensive development period and a long trial phase, good quality results can now be achieved in the chromium (III) process, with the colouring and level of shine almost identical with the chromium (VI) chrome-plating process.

A series of elaborate tests relating to corrosion resistance and the resulting analyses have now produced comparable test results in terms of corrosion resistance in ASTM-9 quality. As usual customers can be provided with the relevant test certificates in accordance with the applicable DIN norm. In spite of high development costs, Humpert will try to maintain its price structure for the chrome-plated ergotec handlebars with the new chromium (III) surface finish.

The use of MAS tubing for handlebars in combination with the new chromium (III) surface finish ensures the manufacture of safe products with a gleaming, corrosion-resistant finish which are produced efficiently and above all sustainably in Wickede.

Safety Level

Handlebar with axis-neutral position

M-Bar series

Thanks to the special shape of the handlebars, the grips and the handlebar clamp are in the same  axis-neutral position, which has the advantage that in spite of their ergonomic angle of grip the handlebars do not eyperience any length loss.

The three sizes - S = 14°, M = 16° and L = 18° - also offer the possibility of selecting the angle of grip in terms of physical stature. All three models have a width of 700mm and can, if required, be shortened by up to 100mm without difficulty.

Safety Level

Integrated System

Faceplate with holder

Thanks to the new faceplate, the headlight can be mounted directly on the stem and giving the bike a completely new look. With the aid of the double joint, headlights of different manufacturers and sizes can be installed, which can then be individually adjusted both in height and in the distance. Alternatively, it also possible to adapt a mini camera to it.

Suitable for all Charisma- and ergotec Octopus- stems with 31.8 mm clamping diameter.


Safety Level

Safe pedaling

EP Urban Pedal

As is the case with all EP pedals, in the case of the EP Urban pedal the contact surface is concave in shape. It has a non-slip sandpaper surface, which provides the feet with secure retention, even under wet conditions. The aluminium body features additional CNC milling and gives the pedal its high-quality styling.

Safety Level

Better pedalling you can feel!

The test winner in cycling magazine aktiv Radfahren 4/2016: EP-1 Pedal patented


The EP-1 Pedal nestles on the sole of the foot with its large and ergonomically formed pedal surface, thus ensuring optimal power transmission. While the foot only rests at certain points in the case of traditional pedals and is deformed in the longitudinal direction due to the short pedal surface, the EP-1 supports the sole of the foot with its very large contact surface. Complaints such as numbness or pain in the feet cannot occur in the first place. On the large, anatomically formed non-slip pedals, the feet find the perfect position and this can even be individually different on the left and right if necessary. The inner guide rails ensure perfect positioning and prevent any contact between the foot and the crank arm. By using a shorter axle, the Q-factor (gap between both pedals) is reduced. In this way, the chain of joints "foot-knee-hip" is aligned correctly to the axle. The increase in efficiency and comfort can be immediately felt just like with an ergonomic handlebar grip.

Safety Level

This allows (almost) everyone to sit ergonomically correct

Seatpost Futura - individual setting possible

Seatpost Futura

The wrong sitting position leads to energy waste. Those who set their saddle optimally to the pedals cycle economically and free of complaints over the long run. Many bicycle frames do not match the physical dimensions of the rider and cannot be optimally adapted with traditional seatposts. Knee and muscle problems are often the result.

The solution to the problem comes from ergotec and is called "Futura". The saddle can be fixed into any position wanted within a semicircle of 50mm, meaning that it has a truly unique adjustment range of up to 10mm to the front and 50mm to the back, which makes it possible to adjust non-fitting bicycle frames. It doesn't matter if the rider has very long or short thighs, if the frame is too small or too large: The Futura allows for the optimal and ergonomically important adjustment of the sitting position thanks to its enormous adjusting range, even in up-to-now hopeless cases.

The Futura has a diameter of 27.2mm, and depending on the setting, a length of 390-450mm. With the corresponding seatpost accessories, almost all seat tube diameters can be equipped.


Safety Level

Ergonomic steering system with Safety Level

Handlebar-stem combination

ergo handlebars

An ergonomic handlebar shape in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL. This new type of concept offers the possibility, similar as with the frame, of choosing the width in accordance with the physical stature.

The stem is a piece of art ...

... when it comes to its design. During the development of the new SWELL-XR stem, the current possibilities offered by the production technologies have been fully exhausted. The result is an absolute highlight when it comes to shape, stability and weight. The expressive X-design with its CNC-milled recesses make the SWELL-XR stem a unique and unmistakeable jewel. The innovative adjustable angle makes it possible to freely set the sitting position from comfortable to sporty.