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The ergotec EP Cargo Pedal is the ideal choice for transport and cargo bikes, both in commercial applications and for daily continuous use. With its outstanding combination of robustness, durability, and ergonomics, it perfectly meets all requirements. The EP Cargo Pedal features a reinforced 9 mm steel axle, making it extremely resilient. It can withstand heavy loads and remains in top shape even with frequent use. The ergonomic design with a concave pedal surface provides maximum comfort and enhances efficiency, while the inner guide rails prevent contact between the foot and the pedal crank. The diamond surface with pins ensures a secure grip and minimizes the risk of slipping.


Artikel-Nr. thread size material bearing finish reflectors more
add to notes 86077101 9/16" 105 x 100 Alloy Ball bearing black integrated
Artikel-Nr.: 86077101 thread: 9/16"
size: 105 x 100 material: Alloy
bearing: Ball bearing finish: black
reflectors: integrated weight: ~736 g
EAN: 4016538113859 RRP: 59,95€

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