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The ergotec EP-K Pedal is an ergonomic pedal specifically designed for use on children's bicycles. With its durable plastic cage, compact size of 82x75 mm, and robust 7 mm steel axle, the EP-K Pedal is ideal for young cyclists. The pedal features a ball bearing that is very sturdy. The convex pedal surface provides a comfortable and secure position for the child's feet, ensuring optimal power transfer while pedaling. The inner guide rails of the EP-K pedal provide additional stability and support precise foot movement. This allows for improved control of the bicycle and boosts the child's confidence while riding. To ensure safety, reflectors with a K-number are integrated into the pedal's design.


Artikel-Nr. thread size material bearing finish reflectors more
add to notes 86072001 9/16" 82 x 75 Polypropylen/ slide surface EP bearing black integrated
Artikel-Nr.: 86072001 thread: 9/16"
size: 82 x 75 material: Polypropylen/ slide surface
bearing: EP bearing finish: black
reflectors: integrated weight: ~346 g
EAN: 4016538119929 RRP: 13,95€

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