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Height-adjustable seat posts are becoming increasingly popular. Anyone who has ever encountered difficulties due to a sitting positon too high for the terrain knows how to appreciate the safety advantage of the fast lowering of the seat post.

The ergotec UP & Down RC seat post with 21 mm offset is equipped wiht a remote control, which makes the adjustment possible without interrupting the journey.

With the safety classification Safety Level 6 can the seat post be used for conventional MTB's as well as for MTB's with a motor to 25 km / h. Available wIth a lift of 105mm and 125mm.


Artikel-Nr. safety level material diameter length offset total height more
add to notes 59445001 AL 6061 T6 31,6 mm 410 mm 21 mm 195mm
Artikel-Nr.: 59445001 safety level 6
material: AL 6061 T6
diameter: 31,6 mm length: 410 mm
offset: 21 mm total height: 195mm
finish: black sandblasted weight: ~730 g
EAN: 4016538073221 RRP: 329,90€
add to notes 59444001 AL 7075 T6 27,2 mm 400 mm 21 mm 195 mm
Artikel-Nr.: 59444001 safety Level 6
material: AL 7075 T6
diameter: 27,2 mm length: 400 mm
offset: 21 mm total height: 195 mm
finish: black sandblasted weight: ~680 g
EAN: 4016538108718 RRP: 329,90€

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