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ergotec Bike Fitting – experience ergonomics live

ergotec Bike Fitting means consistently adapting the bike and its components ergonomically to the individual rider's body. The ergotec scanner enables certified ergotec specialist dealers to make professional measurements and adjustments.

In the past, bike fitting was reserved for professional cyclists. Today, thanks to ergotec all cyclists and e-bike riders can benefit from bike fitting - regardless of whether they already own a bike or are about to buy one.



An ergonomics-based measuring system

The core of ergotec Bike Fittings is the ergotec scanner. Its innovative measuring system supports the specialist dealer in providing ergonomic advice, which means that professional adjustment can become a convincing experience for every cyclist.

Using the ergotec scanner, cyclists can feel live in a real seating position and while actively pedalling how changes in the settings can affect their well-being. At the same time they see themselves on the screen of the scanner and can immediately follow any changes in their posture by checking their position.

The technology of the ergotec scanner is based on the latest ergonomic findings. Another advantage of the system is that the bike fitting process can be completed in a very short time. Saddle height and position by measuring the angle of the knee with a plumb line, handlebar height, handlebar position and the shape and effect of different grips - the specialist dealer and the customer work out all the important settings together.

Quick change of components

With the practical change system, alternative handlebars, grips and saddles can be tested immediately under real conditions. The ergotec scanner then transfers the measured values to the bike in no time at all.

Bike fitting with the ergotec scanner - highlights:

  • accurate determination of the ideal seating position and all other settings
  • quick change of alternative components
  • convincing in-depth professional advice
  • comfortable and pain-free cycling

Only certified ergotec specialist dealers with ergotec scanners offer ergotec Bike Fitting.
You can find an overview of these dealers here.