The adjustable ergotec AHS Superlight handlebar system has been successfully certified as a medical product. This demonstrates the efficiency of the ergotec product family in the field of ergonomics.


Artikel-Nr. safety level clamp material width rise grip length more
add to notes 85224001 31,8 mm AL 6061 T6 600 mm 0 mm 218 mm
Artikel-Nr.: 85224001 clamp: 31,8 mm
safety level 4 material: AL 6061 T6
width: 600 mm rise: 0 mm
grip length: 218 mm Back and Up Sweep: 0°-90° / 0°
thickness: 1,5-2,6-1,5 finish: black sandblasted
weight: ~476 g EAN: 4016538083084
RRP: 139,90€
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