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The ergotec M-99 L rear-view mirror offers a first-class solution for more safety and comfort when cycling.

With a mirror diameter of 121 x 78 - 66 mm and an aspherical mirror surface, it offers a wider field of vision and effectively reduces blind spots. The ball-and-socket joint allows the mirror head to be individually positioned, with a full 360° rotation for optimum adjustment. The robust aluminium housing and long 190mm mirror arm ensure durability and reliability. It is mounted on the left-hand side of the handlebar, inside the handlebar, using the split aluminium clamp.

The ergotec M-99L has an E-approval number which allows it to be used on fast e-bikes up to 45 km/h. Enhance your safety with this high-quality rearview mirror that combines versatility and performance.


Artikel-Nr. material finish assembling mirror Surface weight EAN more
add to notes 63511101 Alloy black sandblasted left assembling 121 x 78-66 mm ~310 g 4016538092277
Artikel-Nr.: 63511101 material: Alloy
finish: black sandblasted assembling: left assembling
mirror Surface: 121 x 78-66 mm weight: ~310 g
EAN: 4016538092277 RRP: 56,90€

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