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The Gold Edition comprises high-quality ergotec parts, including the Low Riser Bar 6+, the Ahead Stem Bass 6+, the Seatpost Ray 6+, and the alternatively designed Ahead Stem Bass 6+ Oilslick.

The perfect choice for those looking to elevate their MTB or E-MTB to a new level of performance. With its sophisticated design and performance tested in competition, these parts emphasize ergotec's commitment to development. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Gold Edition ensures high strength and durability, meeting the demanding Safety Level 6+.

By the way, all products from the Gold Edition series can be easily combined with suspension forks from the Fox brand, for example.

The components have been developed in close collaboration with our ergotec Racing Team throughout the past racing season.

The new products are complemented by a reissue of the Bass Stem in an Oilslick design. With this, ergotec takes another step towards a sportier orientation.

Safety Level


The brand ergotec is celebrating its 15th anniversary at the end of the year and has undergone a comprehensive brand refresh to position itself as more dynamic and international. See the press release ergotec sharpens brand identity.

As an additional highlight for the brand's birthday, the redesigned ERGOTEC EXPERIENCE HUB was unveiled on time. The inauguration of the new building took place on Monday, November 27, 2023, in a ceremony attended by employees and various representatives from politics and the bicycle industry.

In the middle of last year, the adjacent neigh boring property with a car dealership and an attached workshop was acquired. After the leases expired, the extensive redesign of the area, which is directly adjacent to the Ruhrtalradweg (Ruhr Valley Bike Path), began. The workshop buildings had to be demolished due to poor structural integrity, but the actual car dealership was saved through a complete renovation. A new glass front in the brand's design and a new roof structure, including new statics, allowed for the installation of a photovoltaic system.

The building ERGOTEC EXPERIENCE HUB houses the redesigned ergotec Training Center, an expanded Test Center for component testing, and a permanent exhibition of the ergotec product range on an area of 800 square meters, featuring rotating thematic focuses for example MTB, Cargo... Another focal point is the Bike Fitting theme.

In addition to the inspection engineers, field sales representatives and field service employees will now have their workplace on-site.

CEO "name" mentioned in his welcome speech during the opening: "More than 40 years ago, right at this spot, I received my first car. It's a great feeling that today, a new world of bicycles could emerge here, with bicycles taking center stage instead of cars."

Safety Level


For 15 years, the ergotec brand has been synonymous with innovative products and solutions that make cycling more comfortable and safer. With the sustained success of e-bikes across various model categories, the bicycle market has undergone significant changes. High-quality e-MTBs, cargo bikes and gravel bikes expand the model range and set high demands for their respective components.

"The focus on the 3 contact points has further propelled the themes of ergonomics and safety, covering the entire spectrum of different model ranges. This Brand Refresh is based on this approach and will position the ergotec brand to be more dynamic, sporty and internationally oriented," says CEO Willi Humpert.

The new ergotec brand identity builds upon the existing one while simultaneously modernizing key elements. The logo has been made sporty and unified in appearance. All letters now share the same thickness and a dynamic slant. The new brand claim “Perfect Fit. Full Performance” aims to encapsulate the brand promise internationally. The 3 signets, representing the 3 contact points between rider and bicycle, have been styled more fashionably and brought into a more dynamic design."

Safety Level

EcoZert Certification

Certification for excellent sustainability

As part of its sustainability efforts, the company Wilhelm Humpert GmbH & Co. KG has received the EcoZert certificate for excellent sustainability ESG from the representative of Creditreform Dortmund, Mr Reinhard Goldmann.

As part of the audit, the company was able to demonstrate particularly sustainable behaviour and fulfilled the award criteria with regard to efficient use of resources, social action and corporate governance in conjunction with a corresponding creditworthiness index and good balance sheet rating.

Mr. Goldmann says: "With sustainability to success - we congratulate the company Wilhelm Humpert GmbH & Co. KG for the EcoZert Certification. The company is the first in the region to be honoured with the EcoZert - the award for sustainable business."

Jan Kipp Fröleke, financial accountant and controller and member of the CSR team, accepted the award together with Willi Humpert.

CSR Manager Jennifer Schmitte comments on the sustainability award: "We are currently working flat out on our first sustainability report, which we plan to publish in the coming months. The award shows and motivates us that we are on the right track."

Safety Level

Ergonomics Innovation Award 2023

ergotec receive Ergonomics Innovation Award 2023

The Institute for Health and Ergonomics e.V. (IGR) from Nuremberg has once again honoured the company Wilhelm Humpert GmbH & Co. KG, the brand ergotec, with the "Innovation Award Ergonomics 2023".

The IGR resulted 5 years ago from the "Interessengemeinschaft der Rückenschullehrer/ - innen e.V.". The Institute for Health and Ergonomics has a strong network of doctors, physiotherapists, scientists, government representatives, product developers, etc., all of whom are involved in the field of health and ergonomics.

In awarding the prize, the IGR jury pays particular attention to ergonomic concepts that are characterised by ease of use and high utility value. It is important that the ergonomic value and the corresponding correct application are correctly communicated. The term "usability" combines the concepts of utility value, user-friendliness and comprehensible operability. It is also of great importance that the applicants live the topic of ergonomics themselves and not just offer corresponding products.

After ergotec was honoured with the Ergonomics Innovation Award for the first time in 2021 with the presentation of the interactive complaint and ergonomics advisor Cyclingright.com, the new ergonomic ergotec grips EG ACITVE FLEX were submitted this year. The EG ACTIVE FLEX has a large, ergonomically shaped palm rest, which offers the option of adjusting the degree of hardness of the palm rest by changing the cushioning wedge (flex sticks) thanks to the unique flex adjustment. The grip surface made of TPE thermoplastic elastomer material provides the rider with a secure, ergonomic and joint-friendly grip at all times. Since no classic Kraton is used, as is the case with most conventional bike grips, "sticking" of the grips is a thing of the past.

The 2023 Ergonomics Innovation Award was presented in person on Monday, 5 June 2023, by Mr Christian Brunner, IGR Board Member, in Wickede (Ruhr). He commented: "ergotec has positioned itself perfectly for the future in terms of the communication and presentation of the brand and the corresponding ergonomically designed products."

ergotec ergonomics expert Thorsten Braukmann commented on the award: "We are very proud to have been presented with this fantastic award for the second time. It is motivation to continue focussing on the topic of ergonomics in product development and new developments."

Safety Level


Eurobike, the world's leading trade fair for the bicycle and mobility industry, opened its doors in Frankfurt am Main for the second time. Over 1,900 exhibitors presented the latest models and trends on 150,000 square metres. With the Festival Days on Saturday and Sunday, Eurobike opened its doors to all bike fans with an additional spectacular supporting programme.

The ergotec team of more than 20 people presented new products on an exhibition area of around 200 square metres. For the first time, Humpert Asia employees were also able to take part in the international trade fair.

The revised ergotec exhibition stand concept was based on the three points of contact between man and machine. At these three intersections, the brand presented ergonomically sensible and highly acclaimed new products.

As a member of the executive committee of the German Bicycle Industry Association (ZIV), Wilhelm Humpert was delighted to welcome Ms Karola Lambeck (Cycling Commissioner at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport Affairs (BMDV)) to the ergotec booth on the second day of the trade fair. Mrs Lambeck visited the stand as part of the political tour organised by the ZIV together with Karin Müller, member of the Hessian state parliament and vice-president of the state parliament (Hesse Green Party). The focus was on the ergonomics of cycling and the use of safe components, especially for e-bikes. The subject of cargo bikes, especially in their function as "parent taxis", was also an exciting topic. The area of cargo bikes (cargo parts) was also a major topic at the ergotec booth.

In addition to the classic components, various bent tube parts from the Wickede production line for the construction of the load containers were on display for the first time.

Willi Humpert comments: „Cargo bikes are all the rage and still have a great future ahead of them. In addition to the classic components, we can utilise many of the bent tube parts that we manufacture in Wickede (Ruhr). This will strengthen our Wickede production line in the long term."

Humpert presented the new range of saddles, which was developed in collaboration with Dr. Achim Schmidt, cycling expert at the German Sport University Cologne. The new saddle series is based on four different models ranging from sporty to comfortable, each available in two widths and three different hardnesses. With this product presentation ergotec can now cover all the points of contact between the bike and the rider from an ergonomic and safety point of view.

The Integra Performance stem was also a much-noticed product innovation. Specially developed for e-bikes, this innovative stem allows computer displays to be integrated and various cable guides to run inside the stem.

Willi Humpert comments: "We can look back on an extremely successful trade fair, even if the current season is clearly lagging behind the last three record years in terms of sales. However, we are pleased that we will not have to store the exhibition stand for a year this year but will integrate it into the new ergotec competence centre in the former Teschler car dealership. This will create a kind of permanent exhibition, which will initially be used for business visitors. The opening of the ergotec competence centre is already planned for the fourth quarter of this year."

Safety Level


SWATCH NINES MTB 2023: A catalogue of new tricks unfolds during a week-long session at Green Hill Bikepark, Germany.

Global mountain biking talents converged at Swatch Nines 2023 mountain bike event from August 14th to 19th. Riders showcased unprecedented skills on the Swatch Nines course. This unique event has once again created the space to elevate the sport to new heights.


Eight inspiring "never been done before" tricks have been claimed to rewrite the record book in just a few days. The German Youngblood, 2021 Become a Nine winner, Patricia Druwen (GER), has emerged as a trailblazer, unlocking the next milestone for women's mountain biking with a 540 and a Backflip Triple Barspin.

Tim Bringer (FRA) has captured attention with his mind-boggling Double Tailwhip Flair, and Tom Isted (GBR) added to the excitement by nailing a Flair Downside Tailwhip on the quarter pipe, securing his name among the list of riders claiming a World's First.

On the big bikes, the 'Ruso Bros' Elias and Daniel Ruso (AUT) landed a Double Backflip Tuck-No-Hander and a Double Backflip Can-Can, while Spanish veteran Bienvenido Aguado (ESP) executed a spectacular Frontflip Cliffhanger on the big-air jump in front of a fired-up crowd. Also taking advantage of the atmosphere, Australia's Ex-BMX rider Caroline Buchanan grabbed her big bike to land the first Superman Seat Grab Indian-Air performed by a woman.

"It's amazing to have a completely new venue; the course is really fun; I love it. Seeing the Ruso brothers doing big tricks motivated me to push myself to do this trick and deliver it in front of this fired-up audience." - Bienvenido Aguado

"After transitioning from the BMX to the mountain bike, I really wanted to jump on the big bike, which is completely new. I've never really ridden such a big jump before, and to pull off a Superman Seat Grab Indian-Air in front of a crowd at the Nines felt amazing." - Caroline Buchanan


During the legendary Nines Gala Night, Swatch Nines participants collectively voted on the week’s best riders in the following categories: MVP, Best Trick, New Nines, Creative Edge and Best Moment (see the full list of winners below).



New Nine: Hayden Zablotny

Creative Edge presented by Rose: Lukas Schäfer

GoPro Best Moment: Tomas Lemoine

Best Trick Slope Bike Men: Kaidan Ingersoll - 360 Barspin Double Downside Whip

Best Trick Slope Bike Women: Patricia Druwen - 540 & Backflip Triple Barspin

Best Trick Big Bike Women: Robin Goomes - Backflip on the Freeride Line

Best Trick Big Bike Men: Bienvenido Aguado - Frontflip Cliffhanger

Female MVP: Patricia Druwen

Male MVP: Peter Kaiser



Swatch Nines, in cooperation with BYND The Hill Festival welcomed thousands of biking enthusiasts to witness astonishing feats. This collaboration marks an exciting moment as the Swatch Nines shares event an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Safety Level

Succesful Certification

Successful certification of energy management system ISO 500001 

As part of the re-certification of the quality and environmental management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the auditor Moritz Nückel from the certification company AGQS presented the corresponding certificates for the successful implementation of an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001.

The certificates were accepted by the plant manager Klaus Wedekind and the responsible project officer Jennifer Schmitte. The introduction of the energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 is also a result of the CSR activities launched in the middle of last year. In this context, the so-called "Alternative System for Improving Energy Efficiency" certified by GUTcert was introduced as a precursor to ISO 50001.

With ISO 50001, the company aims to continuously improve its energy-related performance and thereby increasing energy efficiency and optimising energy use. The objectives of the standard include, in particular, the recording of energy flows and their future management. It also aims to develop new energy efficiency potential, save energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts.

Managing Director Willi Humpert comments: „The introduction of the ISO 50001 energy management system is the logical development of our environmental management system, which has been in place for over 20 years. It is an important foundation for our goal of self-sufficiency in energy production for the Wickede (Ruhr) site by the end of 2023."

Safety Level

Tomas Slavik wins Valparaiso for the third time

The history was made on Sunday!  

The Czech rider crashed during the practice session, getting an ankle injury that almost made him quit the competition. More than 15 thousand people watched how the 15 finalist riders raced in the 19th edition of the most extreme urban downhill in the world.

Tomas Slavík is the new "King of the Port". After an exciting day, where more than 15 thousand people arrived in Valparaíso, the Czech rider, who got injured during the morning practice, achieved his third title on Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo with a spectacular run and winning with over 1,4 seconds ahead Juan Fer Velez from Colombia! Slavík won his third title in Valparaíso after four years. In 2019 he crashed in the Jessica’s backyard obstacle; in 2020 & 2021 the race was cancelled and in 2022 he took the second place by only 0,04 seconds, against the Chilean Pedro Ferreira.

"Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo is the biggest urban DH race in the world and it was always a mission for me to get the 3rd win here. Its a mission for everyone. After all the things I went through on sunday I have to say it was one of the biggest days in my entire racing career. Very big day with even bigger story behind my win. I truly digged deep on sunday and felt like its more race against pain and against my body...then against time. It reminded me all big lessons I learned in my career and Im glad that didnt give up. It was sureal feeling flying down the hill in Valpo full speed and hearing the crowd pushing me to the finish line. I needed it and honestly I left everything on that track... and its been pleasure at the same time, for all the fans, for all the organizers and for all of us standing with me on my way! Thank you very much... this day was special and I will never forget!"


The next stops for “Red Bull Cerro Abajo” series will take place in Medellín, Colombia on March 4th and then, on March 25th, the races will have their last date in Guanuajuato, Mexico. Tomas will have close call with his injury. There are confirmed no fractures now and Tomas is working everyday out to be able to be at start in Colombia in 2 weeks time.


GoPro POV Winning Run

Full Replay Red Bull TV

Winning Run Red Bull TV





Safety Level



Informing, educating, preventing – these are the goals that Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. has been pursuing since its foundation in 1995. The central concern of the association is to create awareness of the importance of back-friendly conditions and thus to avoid back pain. "In the prevention and therapy of back problems, everyday products that optimally support the musculoskeletal system and the spine play an essential role," says Detlef Detjen, Managing Director of AGR.

Everyday objects that meet these criteria are awarded with the AGR quality label "Tested & Recommended" by independent medical committees. In recent years, the quality label has been awarded to products from over 100 subject areas such as office furniture, seating and children's furniture, bed systems, shoes, car/truck seats, various sports equipment for therapy and prevention and many more.

"With its two consulting tools, Ergotec has convinced the interdisciplinary AGR examination board of doctors, therapists and sports scientists. While cyclingright.com advises consumers online, the Ergotec scanner supports the certified consultant in the bicycle retail trade.

Both Ergotec tools contribute to the prevention of back pain and have consequently been awarded with the AGR quality label."

Detlef Detjen, Managing Director of Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V.

Certificate cyclingright.com and ergotec scanner.

Safety Level



Tomas Slavik, world champion, world cup winner and multiple national winner was able to win the world championship title in 2021 in 4x in the Italian Val de Sole.

Tomas rode the ergotec Riser Bar 50, the Team Series stem and the Skalar seat post. His trust in ergotec MTB components that meet his requirements confirms our ambition to always develop high-quality products. His successes speak for themselves and for ergotec.

Congratulations Tomas!

Click here for the video: Tomas Slavik is world champion 2021!


Safety Level


Richtigradfahren.de - The innovate and international unique interactive complaints and ergonomics advisor is online now!

Where is your pain?

More than 2/3 of all cyclists suffer from discomfort while cycling. Where is your pain? In response to this, ergotec developed the complaint and ergonomics advisor RichtigRadfahren.de which is unique in this form, working closely with cycling scientist Dr. Achim Schmidt. The medical specialist Dr. med. Thomas Castner and the ergotec team were involved, too. The bicycle or e-bike is booming and is increasingly being used as a means of transport, sports equipment and has become an essential part of recreational activities. At the start of the new cycling season, RichtigRadfahren.de is a completely new and free advice tool that is going online. The integrated, interactive complaints advisor can help you get a grip on many of the typical cycling complaints with easy-to-implement advice.

Interactive complaints advisor

As there are a multitude of bicycle types and rider anatomies, more than 5,000 possible constellations were thought through in advance for the online tool. In addition, the findings from numerous scientific studies as well as the extensive experience with the ergotec scanner flowed into the tool. For the problem analysis and the identification of the individual complaint, the user of the portal only has to answer a few questions with a click. Then, on the basis of the scenario described, tips and recommendations that can be easily implemented are offered that can help increase driving fun and efficiency and reduce unnecessary discomfort.

Adjust the wheel ergonomically correctly in 15 minutes

The basis for problem-free cycling is always the correct position setting of the bike - more precisely: the optimal interaction between the rider and the three contact points of the handlebar system, saddle and seat post as well as pedals. RichtigRadfahren.de makes it very easy for users to find the perfect solution for their type of bicycle. The user does not have to read long texts, short explanatory videos were used that are precisely tailored to the respective type of bike. Almost every bike should be optimally adjusted in five steps in just under fifteen minutes.

High utility value and more driving fun

RichtigRadfahren.de offers much more than just tips on bike and e-bike settings. Exercises to strengthen the bike-relevant muscles are just as much a part of it as tips for choosing the right type of bike and specific product recommendations. So it is worth checking out RichtigRadfahren.de from time to time. The online tool can also be used as an aid during a bike tour, because the uncomplicated design was tailored to smartphones and tablets.

With RichtigRadfahren.de ergotec would like to underline its position as an innovation driver for ergonomic cycling. Managing director Wilhelm Humpert believes that perfect ergonomics for cycling are of benefit to everyone: "With RichtigRadfahren.de we want to help reduce cycling discomfort and sustainably increase the joy of cycling safely."

Dr. Achim Schmidt emphasizes the planned online seminars for consumers, i.e. cyclists, as a particular highlight of the portal: “We will offer ergonomics seminars specially tailored to end users and cyclists at least twice a year. In the interactive seminars we also want to address the questions and complaints of cyclists. "


With the Ergonomics Innovation Prize, the Institute for Health and Ergonomics e.V. aims to sensitize companies and organizations to the topic of ergonomics, to promote ergonomic workplace design and to offer orientation aids for the procurement of high-quality ergonomic products and services.

At the same time, the price is intended to be an incentive for manufacturers of ergonomic products to strive for the highest quality standards in terms of product and advisory service. The price thus includes a practice-oriented economic and a social component at the same time.

The nominees are companies whose demands on healthy work and ergonomics are reflected both in the culture that is lived in the company and in the development of their products and services. These can also be internal programs and measures to promote occupational health or prevention.

The IGR writes on this: "The subject of ergonomic behavior is becoming increasingly important. Personal responsibility based on solid knowledge enables meaningful and relieving use of work equipment. Compensation through exercise and sport help prevent damage from one-sided or incorrect stress. Sensible ergonomic Innovations make a valuable contribution here. "