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Current Situation

Spring! The days are getting longer again, the sun should put a smile on our faces! Cycling weather! Everything could be so beautiful, if the Corona Pandemic with all its dangers would not put us in a previously unimaginable situation of a lockdown combined with a lengthy exit strategy.


We will be present at the following trade fairs.

From the very beginning, the company concentrated on the development and production of high-quality bicycle parts, particularly handlebars. Over the course of the company's history, it has achieved an outstanding position and reputation within the bicycle industry as a parts supplier. Humpert today produces and sells several million bicycle handlebars annually. In addition to this, various bicycle components (among them a wide variety of components that the company developed itself) are being successfully sold as merchandise from the Far East.

We will soon be looking back on a 100-year history ...

We promote the push for more mobility with the bicycle on many different levels. That is why we are a member in organisations and actively support various initiatives as a partner. Among these are ...

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