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Learn all about the perfect adjustment of bike and e-bike, get useful information on pain reduction, get to know ergonomic products and the ergotec brand: Our Youtube channels are full with tips and information – for more riding fun on two wheels. Discover now!

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Safety Level

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Safety Level


Safety Level

Assembly and safety instructions

Please carefully read the following assembly and safety instructions before use. Store the instructions somewhere safe and pass on to the next owner if necessary. The assembly assumes that a corresponding basic knowledge already exists. If such knowledge does not exist, please contact your specialist bicycle retailer.



handlebar AHS Premium & Superlight

handlebar AHS Basic



FHS 2 folding handlebar



stem-ahead angle adjustable

stem-ahead rigid

stem-quill angle adjustable

stem-quill rigid

stem-ahead Adapter

stem-ahead Adapter Up & Down

stem-ahead Adapter Up & Down 3

stem-ahead Adapter Up & Down Turn 2

stem-ahead Adapter Up & Down Turn 3

stem-ahead Barracuda i, High Barracuda i_with adjuster

stem-ahead Barracuda i, High Barracuda i

stem-ahead Bass

stem-ahead Charisma, High Charisma

stem-ahead Comfi

stem-ahead Integra-B

stem-ahead Integra-BK

stem-ahead Integra Performance C-A

stem-ahead Integra Performance BK-A

stem-ahead Kobra Vario, Kobra Vario 40

stem-quill Kobra Vario, Kobra Vario Tube

stem-quill Octopus, stem-ahead Octopus, stem-ahead Octopus 50

stem-quill Octopus XL

stem-ahead Octopus-BKS

stem-ahead Octopus 50 XL

stem qill & ahead QAS 3

stem-ahead & stem-quill Sepia, Sepia Ahead, Sepia Ahead 50

stem-ahead Sepia, Sepia XL

stem-quill Sepia XL

stem ahead Sepia 50 XL Fi

stem ahead Sepia 50 XL Si

stem-ahead Swell 2, Swell-RE, Swell-R, Swell-X & Swell-XR

stem ahead Swell-RE 70

stem-ahead Swell-X 70


Handlebar extension

Tribar Easyliner

Tribar Professional


Bar ends

bar ends

bar ends Touring

bar ends EVO1, EVO TOURING


Handlebar grips

grips EG Performance

grips EG Ambition

grips EG Active Flex

grip Aero 2

grips Buffalo

grips MF1 & MF2

grips Reno


grips with screw clamp

grips without screw clamp




seat post Cushy-ST and Glide

seat post PM 705N

suspension seat post SP-1.0 & SP-2.0

suspension seat post SP-3.0

suspension seat post SP-4.1

suspension seat post SP-5.0

suspension seat post SP-7.0

suspension seat post SP-8.1

suspension seat post SP-9.0

suspension seat post SP-10.0

seat post Patent

seat post Futura

seat post UP & DOWN

seat post UP & DOWN RC




saddles ES Comfort, Comfort Plus, ES Active, ES Performance

saddle finder



pedals EP-1

pedals EP-2

pedals EP Cargo

pedals EP-K

pedals EP-T


pedals foldable


Bicycle stands

kickstands Double Flex 3

kickstands Double Flex




pedal axle adapter

assembly paste

mirrors M-55L, M-66L, M-77, M-77L, M-88, M-88L, M-99, M-99L

mirrors M-77LV, M-88LV, M-99LV

smartphone holder to the handlebar

smartphone holder to the cycle stem

ergotec Smartphone Holder SP-CONNECT

ergotec Kiox-Display-Holder handlebar

ergotec Kiox-Display-Holder Faceplate

ergotec One Time Plug

ergotec screw claw


Safety Level


Safety Level


Safety Level

General Terms and Conditions

Safety Level