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Cycling the right way is a matter of setting. The ergotec ergonomics consultant came about in close collaboration with the cycling expert at the German Sport University in Cologne, Dr. Achim Schmidt.

In the ergotec ergonomics consultant you will find information, help and tips on how you can correctly adjust your bicycle – this is of course best done together with your specialist ergotec bicycle retailer.

Extract from the preface by Dr. Achim Schmidt: "Your entire body is in motion on a bike – and that not only when cycling in a sports manner, but every time you cycle. A lot of muscles are involved and each muscle has a counterpart. This is because all forces being exerted want to be balanced. The "cycling comfort" only comes about as a result of this balance.

Take the time to correctly adjust your bike. Several steps are sometimes necessary. Because many of the positive effects only become apparent on longer bike rides and after a period of personal readjustment. Have some patience – you will get there: Comfortable, healthy, conscious and enjoyable cycling!"


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E-book/PDF: The Ergonomics Consultant

Dr. Achim Schmidt - cycling expert at the German Sport University Cologne
The Ergonomics Consultant – correctly adjusting your bike.