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Cycling the right way is a matter of setting. The ergotec ergonomics consultant came about in close collaboration with the cycling expert at the German Sport University in Cologne, Dr. Achim Schmidt.

In a study conducted by the German Sport University Cologne's Centre for Health, 57% of the participants said that they had so far never done anything to reduce any discomfort whilst cycling. But things can be improved easily!

The ergotec scanner makes the ergonomics consulting at a specialist retailer a convincing experience for cyclists. In the real sitting position and when actively peddling, the cyclists experiences live how the changed settings have an effect on their physical comfort. At the same time, the cyclists can see themselves on the display screen of the scanner system. Using the personalised view, they can directly follow the changes to their body posture.

Find out in 10 minutes how you can ergonomically adjust your bicycle correctly.

... that make cycling and adjusting the bicycle easier.