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Wilhelm Humpert I starts the company in the centre of Wickede. Products: Bicycle handlebars, bicycle pumps, mud guards, grips ...

Willi Humpert I


Wilhelm Humpert II takes over the management of the company. Products: Focus on bicycle handlebars.

Home of Wilhelm II in Kirchstraße


The company celebrates 50 years of existence.

Maria Humpert with Wilhelm II and their sons Wolfgang and Wilhelm III


The company moved to the industrial park in the Erlenstraße
marking a new beginning on 1,000 square metres with automatic frame galvanising.
Wilhelm and Wolfgang Humpert become the third generation to manage the company and continuously grow the business

Willi III and Wolfgang Humpert


New construction of the double-nickel chrome frame galvanising plant
Strategic expansion of the contract galvanising as a second source of income for the company

Production building gets its first extension


Inauguration of the converted property including the new administration building on the occasion of the company's 75th anniversary
Start of the development of the "HUMPERT" brand


Wilhelm Humpert IV becomes Managing Director and starts restructuring and reorganising the company.

Wilhelm Humpert IV


The adjoining property is taken over with a further automation of the handlebar production.

Aerial photograph of the premises in Wickede


Opening of the development and marketing office in Fellbach near Stuttgart.

Humpert in Stuttgart


Humpert Asia International is founded in Taipei, Taiwan.

Humpert Asia in Taipei


Purchase and conversion of the galvanising plant in Iserlohn with double-nickel chrome frame galvanising.

Galvanising plant in Iserlohn


In June 2008, HUMPERT celebrates the company's 90th anniversary with 300 invited guests at the Signal-Iduna-Park in Dortmund. The co-shareholders Ursula and Wolfgang Humpert go into retirement after working for more than 45 years for the company.

Anniversary logo


Presentation and launch of the new marketing strategy with the product name "ergotec". ergotec ergonomics consulting in print and online at

The face of the product brand ergotec


Opening of the ergotec test centre for handlebars and seat posts with 4 Big Bull test maschine.


Ralf Humpert becomes the 2nd Managing Director.

Ralf Humpert


Wafios bending centre begins handlebar production with Kuka robot.

Robot in action: handlebar production


Having been designated as global market leader and best industrial performer in South-Westphalia in 2013, this was followed by being included in the Lexicon of German Global Market Leaders by the publisher Deutsche Standards.

Humpert in Lexicon of German Global Market Leaders


Start working with the Reach conform Chrome III.

electroplating plant Wickede


In June 2018, HUMPERT celebrated 100 years of company history.

anniversary logo