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Trekking Handlebar i/ 31,8

The ergotec handlebar "Trekking Bügel i" is a high-quality handlebar that was specially developed for city trekking bikes. With a width of 620 mm and a height of 35 mm, it offers an optimal balance between comfort and control while riding. Made from robust AL2014T6 material, this handlebar is durable and resistant to the stresses of everyday use. The sandblasted black colour finish gives it a modern and classy appearance that matches any style of bike. An outstanding feature of the ergotec handlebar is the cut-outs in the centre and at the ends of the bar. These allow for integrated cable routing, which keeps the cockpit clean and tidy. The cables can be neatly routed through the handlebars and thus prevent an annoying mess. This ensures improved aerodynamics and an attractive appearance. The ergotec handlebar has been awarded Safety Level 6 according to the ergotec safety classification. This means that it is suitable for city trekking bikes with a total weight (bike, rider and luggage) of up to 180 kg. Whether on the way to work or on longer tours, this handlebar offers a comfortable and safe riding experience.


Artikel-Nr. safety level clamp material width rise grip length more
add to notes 15059101 31,8 mm AL2014 T6 620 mm 35 mm 180 mm
Artikel-Nr.: 15059101 clamp: 31,8 mm
safety level 6 material: AL2014 T6
width: 620 mm rise: 35 mm
grip length: 180 mm Back and Up Sweep: 47° / -0°
thickness: 1,7-2,4-1,7 finish: black sandblasted
weight: ~285 g EAN: 4016538110186
RRP: 99,90€
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