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High Bass 31,8

The ergotec High Bass is the extension of the Bass stem and offers additional features to maximise your riding comfort. With a 45° angle, this stem allows for a more upright riding position that contributes to a more comfortable and relaxed ride. The High Bass is designed to meet the needs of riders who prefer a more upright position. This is particularly beneficial for riders who want to cover longer distances or those who are looking for a more comfortable option for their MTB or E-MTB. Despite the more comfortable riding position, the High Bass has the same stability as its counterpart, the Bass stem. It still offers a high load capacity of up to 140 kg (bike + rider + luggage) to meet the demands of sporty rides. With its robust yet stylish design, it fits perfectly with your MTB or E-MTB and gives your bike a high-quality look. Whether you are going on long tours or simply looking for a more comfortable riding position, the ergotec High Bass stem offers you the possibility to increase your riding comfort.


Artikel-Nr. safety level clamp material fork clamp extension clamp height more
add to notes 40561201 31,8 mm AL 6061 T6 28,6 mm 55 mm 40 mm
Artikel-Nr.: 40561201 clamp: 31,8 mm
safety level 6+ material: AL 6061 T6
fork clamp: 28,6 mm extension: 55 mm
clamp height: 40 mm angle: 45°
actual height gain: 40 actual length gain: 40
finish: black sandblasted weight: ~196 g
EAN: 4016538114047 RRP: 79,90€
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