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Swell-X/ 35,0

Very stable, angle adjustable Ahead stem with 35.0mm clamp diameter. Due to the large angle adjustment range, the height of the handlebars can be individually adjusted to the rider's needs.


Artikel-Nr. safety level clamp material fork clamp extension clamp height more
add to notes 40254111 35,0 mm AL 6061 T6 28,6 mm 100 mm 45 mm
Artikel-Nr.: 40254111 clamp: 35,0 mm
safety level 6 material: AL 6061 T6
fork clamp: 28,6 mm extension: 100 mm
clamp height: 45 mm angle: -20 - +40°
actual height gain: -30/0/55 actual length gain: 90/100/80
finish: black sandblasted weight: ~261g
EAN: 4016538112449 RRP: 99,95€
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